Pure  Energy
It is the energy that exists before the big bang phenomenon.

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Body Mind and Spirit
It is widely accepted that today medical science has developed to its highest level. Medical scientists can examine and detect the flaws in every part of every body. But they can not completely cure all the diseases.

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The Environment





Pure Energy is the emptiness. It is the extremely important energy that exists in the center of the Big before the Bang phenomenon and in the space. After the Big Bang phenomenon, it exists in the center of everything. It is in the center of Higg Boson, quark, nucleus, atom, particle, molecule, matter, living thing, human’s body, the earth, the moon, the sun, the galaxy, and the universe. It is in the heat  (temperature ),
the light and the sound energy as well.

It is the energy that the physicists cannot prove because it is totally extremely powerful energy.

Fortunately, I myself have discovered it since 1994. I am willing to notify you what I know and how I can take it
to be beneficial to everything on the earth: human beings and the environment.

My name is Mr. Kraisorn Prompitak. I was born in 1945. I am Thai. I live in Nonthaburi province, Thailand.
In 1994, I have been reaching the top of the highest of the meditation which means
I found Pure Energy in my body.
This makes me know and understand  its power precisely. So I can use it as mentioned. 

For human beings, I can terminate all diseases that medical scientists cannot cure such as AIDS, HIV, SLE,MND(ALS),Cancers etc. I am the director of Energy for Health Care and Environment Research Center,
thus I work as a healer, researcher and speaker at the same time.
I call my therapy as “Pure Energy Therapy “and/or “Pure Energy for Health Care” .It will be in the energy therapies type as in NCCAM ( National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine ) USA, in the near future.
I am willing to talk ,lecture and demonstrate the power of Pure Energy in my body on the same day.

For the environment, I can disintegrate storms such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Typhoons, Cyclones, snow and rain. On the other hand, I can make natural rain that the physicists are trying to do. I can make every waterless area in the world soak with water, including in the deserts. In addition, I can vanish heat waves to cool the weather.


Einstein’s formula can make matters to be energy but cannot make energy to be matters. CERN in Europe is trying to do so, they are finding the GOD particle that is actually PURE ENERGY. The worst is Einstein’s formula absolutely destroys the environment such as Hydrogen Bombs.
On the other hand, Kraisorn’s formula can make matters to be energy such as disintegrating storms and rain  and can make energy to be matters such as making natural rain everywhere in the world . Kraisorn’s formula will work effectively  in wide area but not in the laboratory as the scientists do. It will be effective in the limited time as well. This formula can make natural rain, disintegrating rain,
dissipating storms such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes,Typhoons, Cyclones etc.  andvanishing  heat waves.
The procedure can be fixed the day, time and places in all over the world.
The main point is there is not complicated , just take me to the target place. I will bring my tool case and my staffs . That’s all.